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How are your staff trained?

Federal Valet maintains a high level of training and management supervision. Part of the reason for Federal Valet's success has been a long-standing commitment to a well-thought out training program and a program of intelligent management supervision. In order to maintain the quality of any valet operation it is imperative that there be an effective screening process, rigorous, uniform training and follow through on the principles of training on a day to day basis.

Federal Valet processes all applicants by way of:

  • thorough interviews
  • background checks
  • a five hour training program with a heavy emphasis on customer service and safe driving skills

Federal Valet draws the bulk of its' employees from the local universities (American, Georgetown, George Washington and Howard) and the area Hispanic community. We insist on a command of the English language from our staff.

What is the company uniform?

All valets will be attired in our red Federal Valet logo shirt, black pants or shorts, white or black sneakers, black belt and an optional regulation cap. More formal attire is available upon request.

What equipment do I need to provide?

Nothing. Federal Valet will provide all tickets, uniforms and generic signage for your event. Specialized signage will be provided at cost.

How many valets will I need for my event?

The rule of thumb in the valet industry is that one valet is appropriate for every twenty five guests. That being said, different locations often require more or less valets depending on the location of the parking facility, traffic congestion in front of the site, et cetera, et cetera. Our staff will be glad to explain in detail to you any staffing decisions we make.

How do I pay?

Federal Valet accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and personal checks.

How are you insured?

We maintain full Garage Keepers, Legal Liability and Workmen's Compensation Insurance and will be glad to supply certificates of insurance upon request.