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Federal Valet Carparking, Inc.
PO Box 561
Garrett Park, MD, 20896
Main Number: (301) 933-4570
Fax Number: (301) 933-1899
24 hour pager: (202) 490-0222





Federal Valet History

For more than 25 years, Federal Valet has met the needs of Washington and Baltimore customers in need of parking services and has exceeded their expectations for quality and performance.

Federal Valet maintains a management group that without exception began their association with our industry as valet attendants themselves. Part of our company philosophy includes the rule that our management wears a uniform only slightly different than that of a regular valet attendant. Our intention is to underline the fact that our management parks cars alongside our regular staff on a daily basis. In this way, we retain an intimate knowledge of day to day operations and can apply that knowledge to provide more effective solutions to the parking needs of your event.

Federal Valet was founded by Matthew Pasquinelli, who exercises operational control of the company to this day. He began his thirteen year association with the parking industry during a stint as a valet for Atlantic Valet. It was this experience that led Matthew to found his own company. Since that time, Federal Valet has blossomed from one account to our current level of over forty daily locations and daily special events throughout the region.